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    Hi, I'm Mike Horvath, owner/inspector, of Northern Home Inspections, LLC. With over 30 years experience, I have been remodeling houses since 1988. My experience also includes home construction, home remodeling, and rental maintenance, I have dissected and remodeled a number of older houses with the oldest built in 1896. I have intricate knowledge of older construction of framing, foundations, plumbing, and electrical. In 2002, I completed the ASHI on site training, testing and certification in St. Paul.

    Buying a home can be exciting, momentous, and meaningful.  It can also be stressful, especially if you're not sure how to gauge the physical condition of a house. That's where Northern Home Inspections, LLC comes in. While you focus on the home's style, size, layout, price, and neighborhood, I will evaluate its major systems such as plumbing, heating, electrical, and for an additional fee, radon testing. You will then be provided with a written report to assist you with making the best buying decision possible.

    Ensuring you have all the information necessary before making such a significant decision simply makes sense. You can depend on Northern Home Inspections, LLC to provide an unbiased, professional opinion you need, when you need it.


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